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[Bespredelny] Server characteristics x10

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The Bespredelny is  a stronghold of the Shock-Word complex and the whole Lineage-community. It is one of the oldest servers in the world, which has started in the autumn 2005.  The Bespredelny is a combination of all the last Shock-World's servers.  It includes such legends, as: The Shock Game, The Shock-2, The Shock-3,The  Shock-4, The Shock-5, The Shock-6, Extreme-1, Extreme-2, PvP and Narodny (х50).  If you once played on one of these servers, your  character  with all  stuff waits for you.  None of the players weren't forgotten.  There hasnt been ever any wipe (full or partial). That is why the Bespredelny is one of mastodons among all the servers in the world.  But it concerns not only the server, but also the players. The atmosphere here is  unique and  you will never find it anywhere.  The whole players of this world are not only a part of history - they are history themselves and everyone is a legend.  If you want to touch a  live history and a legend, it is an  appropriate place.


1. Name: the  Bespredelny

2. Current server version: High Five part 5

3. Files: Retail

4. Time zone: Moscow UTC +4

5. Opening date: autumn  2005

6. Rates

  • exp/sp - x10
  • adena ( the quantity) - х20 from the mobs to  the 20th level; х10 from the mobs to the 40th level; х5 from the mobs 40+
  • adena (the chance) - 70%
  • drop  ( the quantity) - х1
  • drop  (the chance) - х5
  • RB & Epic drop ( the quantity) - х1
  • RB drop (the chance) - from х3 to the 40th level; from х2 to the  64 levels; х1 on 64+
  • Epic drop (the chance) - х1
  • spoil (the chance and the drop) - х2
  • sealstones (the chance and the drop) - х1
  • quest - x1


7. Gameplay features:

  • Default start by the default NCsoft rules
  • Studying of the skills according to the NCSoft default rules
  • Global quest of the 7 seals, castle sieges and clan halls are all according to NCSoft default rules
  • The chance and the maximum enchancement level of the weapon, armor and costume jewelry's according to NCSoft default rules. 
  • The first and Second profession can be bought from NPC Mr.Cat.

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