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How to start playing on our complex?

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Dearp players! Here's 3 simple steps to start playing on our Shockolude and Bespredelny servers! 

Step 1: Account registration



Click here , fill in all fields and click "Sign up"

Recommendations for the registration

  • Make sure that all the fields are filled correctly. Remember (or write down) the answers for the secret questions, your login and password, don’t tell it anyone.
  • Use only difficult passwords, consisting of 8 and more symbols. Use numbers and small and capital letters.
  • You can register only one account for one e-mail. Make sure that the e-mail is registered according to all the security measures, provided by your mail service.
  • Account registration doesn’t require validation via e-mail, but you should use only real ones. Otherwise you risk lose your account without possibility of return.
  • Don’t use the same logins and passwords, if they are already used on other servers!


Step 2: Files for the game

x10 "Bespredelny" - Opened in fall 2005 (High Five)

Original client High Five: link (rutracker)

Patch for server Bespredelny :link(yandex)

Autoupdater for Bespredelny: link (rghost.ru)


x100 "Shockolude" - Opened 6.04.2013 (Interlude)

Original client Interlude: link (rutracker)

Patch for server Shockolude:link (yandex)

Autoupdater for Shockolude: link (rghost.ru)


How to download a client via torrent



For downloading via torrent register and download free program uTorrent.


- Download uTorrent


After installing, launch torrent file with original client, choose future file location and press OK. Downloading will start automatically and won’t take much time.



Step 3: Game installation

Installation with patch

  • Unpack an original client
  • Install the patch in the folder with the game. We recommend to set fire.dll as anti-virus exception
  • Launch the game from System folder via l2.exe file

Installation with autoupdater

  • Unpack an original client
  • Locate the autoupdater in the folder with the client, launch it and choose Check Files.
  • After the end of the check , press Start
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