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Inpulsa x7 Server info

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Dear players!
We are glad to present you our server Inpulsa x7 based on our unique chroniclese The Final Frontier!

  • Server characteristics
  • FAQ
  • Gifts


  • Name: Inpulsa
  • Chronicles: TFF: End of Interlude*
  • Platformа: PTS

* This is our exclusive chronicles The Final Frontier based on Interlude. Actual gameplay on Salvation game client. New content and regular updates!

Some facts


2017, autumn. Our Shock-World dev team started to make exckusive chronicles based on Interlude mechanics on new game client.

March, 17th 2018 - Server +/- Interlude x7 started. It received a stunning success with the audience and works to this day. The most active community of players on the project gathered there, everyone got acquainted each other for a long time, became friends and are always welcome there.
August, 25th 2018 - Server Novus x1 started. Chronicles by that time received several updates, and the concept of the server was very hardcore.

As you can see, we managed to prove in practice that, with the right approach, the game can be enjoyable for a long time and be interesting for a huge number of players.

What The Final Froniter is it?
The Final Frontier or TFF – this is an alternative branch of the game development after Interlude chronicles, which are developed by the Shock team.
End of Interlude – a part of our unique chronicles. With each update, retaining the basis of the Interlude, we go further along our own path, developing the game in a different direction from the usual one.

Why TFF is better than other chronicles? 
TFF is no better and no worse; these chronicles are different. Imagine that a game might go a different way. Instead of The Kamael installed on the official servers, End of Interlude would be installed, and then something else. You can experience completely new emotions and game experiences. That's cool, isn't it?
You can play in different classes. You can also learn a new way to develop your character or to get acquainted with interesting mechanics by experience. Stuff new bumps on their mistakes or with knowledge to approach the process of the game.

In our developments, we do not just mix up something weird from various chronicles. We really create new and unique chronicles of the game. We want to show you what the game can develop differently. We create a balance, draw out weak professions and at the same time do not break the usual strong classes and mechanics. For example, for the first time in a long time, tanks and support mages became a playable classes. No more Destroyers, Archers and mages only! 

Here you will find different variations for the game, more opportunities for development and the content is not limited only by reaching the level as in Interlude.

  • There is not a huge number of Instance Zones in High Five
  • No more blocking content as in Gracia Final, when the first can get attribute of the King of the Hill.

TFF is for people and about people. The rare case when the situation in the game depends on the players. Even after many months the chronicles remain relevant and interesting.


For whom Inpulsa x7 is?

The server is suitable for those who managed to appreciate the new chronicles. And everyone who came to us in the first. For people who prefer a measured game. You will find a lot of different activities than you can work in isolation from the big battles.

  • By completing daily tasks, achievement system, clan bonuses, group searching, events, you will be able to conduct your prime time as efficiently as possible and enjoyable.
  • Groups of players and clans will be pleased with changes in the clan system, Grand Olympiad, trips to Epic Bosses, war for spots and mass events.

We promote a long game and carry high-quality servers to the masses. Thanks to the new start-ups, the TFF chronicles community is growing and developing.

Why TFF is for a long time? 

TFF is a dynamically developing project that always boldly steps ahead and is not afraid to take the uncharted path.

In TFF content is constantly updated, something new things always appears. This applies to classes and various items, and in the future locations. We are developing the game not in high, as NCSOFT did, but in breadth, showing the diversity of our beloved Lineage 2.

Anyone who is interested in a long game will find it here. We have more than 14 years of quality and reliable work WITHOUT wipes. Our concepts are the best in the field of free-shards. We are proud of our experience and ability to unite players, develop and maintain our servers for many years.


Inpulsa х7 - This is a breath of fresh air for each of us in the time-poisoning session frihards era. Server is for those who share our views on the development of the game!


  • Server name: Inpulsa
  • Chronicles: TFF: End of Interlude*
  • Platform: PTS
  • Server time: Moscow UTC +3

This is ourexclusive chronicles The Final Frontier based on Interlude. Actual gameplay on Salvation game client. New content and regular updates!

Chronicles description (link)

FAQ (link)


etc_exp_point_i00_0.png Rates:

Exp / SP / Adena

Mob: x7 / x7 / x8-4

RB: x5 / x5 / x5

Inst: x2 / x2 / x2

Epic: x1 / x1 / x1

Drop & Spoil

Resources (chance)*: drop x5 spoil x5

Items, recipes and parts up to A grade (chance): x5

Items, recipes and parts S grade (chance):  x1

SpellBook / Scroll Enchant / Life Stone (chance): x4

SealStones (quantity): x4

Manor (quantity): x3


Eewards (exp/sp/adena*): x3**

Item (quantity): х1 (all quest except special rated***)

* Not for all quests

** chance transfers to quantity after 70%
*** quests with elevated items drop 


Alliance with Varka Silenos -  x3
Alliance with Ketra Orcs -  x3
The Finest Ingredients-  x3
Heart in Search of Power - т x3
The Zero Hour -  x3
Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1 -  x3
Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 -  x3
Whisper Of Dreams Part 1 -  х3
Whisper Of Dreams Part 2 -  х3
Legacy of Insolence -  х3
Supplier of Reagents - х3
In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х3



br_flag_of_bookmark_i00_0.png Start:

  • You get 1 Start pack with NG items for your first character and 2 Gifts.
  • All veterans who have been playing on Shock-World get unique Gift. 
  • To get your Bronze/Silver/Gold start pack, please, transfer it to your character in your Control Panel.

etc_bloodpledge_point_i00_0.png Gameplay:

  • There're 5 active game clients available. If you want to get extra game windows, you have to buy Premium account. You can have no more than 9 windows.
  • You can learn any skills without spellboks, except 3rd prof skills.
  • Skills auto-learning up to 20 lvl.
  • Drop autoloot.
  • Free teleports up to 40 lvl.
  • Augmentation cancel fee was doubled for 61+ LS and 3 times for 76+ LS.
  • Standart 7 seals quest, Sieges.
  • Item enchant chance and Max lvl is based on Interlude.
  • Command ".menu" - you can get Info about server and all useful functions.
  • Offline trading is available by command ".offlineshop".

c2a5185ace9588f76be95bcd0da4.png Sub-class and 3rd occupation:

  • Quest monsters quantity for 1st and 2nd prof was increased
  • You can buy 1st and 2nd prof for Adena: 100 000 and 1 000 000 Adena required.
  • You can choose between Baium's sting or to paint 30 fabrics.
  • Respawn time of Quest Raid-Bosses was decreased, all quest chests are available longer now, items drop was increased!

a0e7a359800702f3e7f0a22db2ca.png Raid-Bosses respawn:

Common bosses:

  • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Scepter of Darkness for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m
  • Death Lord Hallate (Hallate's Infernium Scepter for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m
  • Kernon (Kernon's Infernium Scepter for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m
  • Longhorn Golkonda (Golkonda's Infernium Scepter for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Staff of Goddess: Rain Song for Noblesse) - 8 h +/- 30 m
  • Other Bosses - 12 h +/- 60 m

Daimon the White-Eyed - 36 h

Icicle Emperor Bumbalump - 36 h

Soul of Water Ashutar - 36 h

Soul of Fire Nastron - 36 h

Epic Bosses

  • Queen Ant - 24 h +/- 30 m

  • Orfen - 36 h +/- 30 m

  • Core - 36 h +/- 30 m

  • Zaken - 48 h +/- 30 m

  • Scarlet van Halisha - 4 h +/- 30 m

  • Baium - 5 d +/- 60 m

  • Antharas - 8 d

  • Valakas - 11 d


d24174620d1b767807fd796b683a.png Events:

7 seals

Standart quest without changes.

Clan Halls

  • Only clans 5 lvl and higher can buy Clan Hall
  • Minimal bet - 200 000 000 Adena
  • Weekly rent - 5 000 000 Adena

Zariche and Akamanah

Standart conception


Standart conception

Territory Wars

On saturdays in siege period at 20:00

Grand Olympiad

  • Works in 14-days cycle with 7 Seal quest binding
  • Starts on mondays when Seals win period is active
  • Grand olympiad always ends on sundays (without Sieges)
  • Olympiad points add every 3 days
  • You must fight 9 times and you must have 1 victory minimum to pretend to be a hero
  • For all Grand Olympiad participants are available special everyday quests.

38c7cb931b3f283b80d461425bce.png GM shop Melissa:

Premium Account 

  • Bonus +50% EXP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil
  • Speacial Agation Seal Bracelet Neolithica with everyday Gift
  • VIP points and VIP level with Bonuses 

VIP Card

  • Opens Newbie Guide NPC Buffer access at any level
  • Grants World Chat acces through command ">"

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