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New Server x20 on 27 May!

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Grand Opening L2ALT x20 will be
on 27 May at 20:00 (+3 UTC)


Dont't forget to learn patchnote of last update

and download files for game!


Server features


- Number of client windows launched: 5 and +1 for PA.
- Auto-learn skills to level 40 (except Boost HP, Fast HP Recovery, Resurrection, Mass Resurrection and Divine Inspiration). 
- Offline trading is available to all players from the start with .offline command. You can start trading in areas specially designated for this for adena and SWC.
- Maximum number of buff slots: 20 + 4 (default).
- Available Autoloot and exp on/off.

- Mana Potion (900 MP/15 sec) available in store (in non-combat mode).

- B-grade equipment is available at the Luxury Shop in Giran.

- Augmentation removal cost increased 5 times.
- Available Spoil-Agathion with skills Spoil and Sweep. Spoil reuse - 60 sek.


Professions, subclass, noblesse


- The first and second class can be purchased for Adena and SW Coins.
- Increased quest item drops for 3rd profession: The Finest Ingredients, Alliance with Ketra Orcs/Varka Silenos, also items at Shrine of Loyalty (700 items).

- Subclass quest: Reiria’s soul orb (Cabrio) + 3 Infernium Scepters (РБ в TOI) + 100.000.000 adena. Requires level 75. Scepters can be obtained from boss chests without going through the entire quest chain!
- Noblesse: Staff of Goddess Rain Song + 150.000.000 adena. Requires level 75 and the presence of a subclass. The scepter receives all the party that caused last hit to the boss, without a quest.

- It will be possible to buy a 3rd class by Melissa с 07.06.2022.

- It will be possible to buy a subclass by Melissa с 14.06.2022.

- It will be possible to buy a noblesse by Melissa с 14.06.2022.


Main rates



1-80 lvl. - x20
RB - x3
Quests - x1
Kamaloka - x10


1-40 lvl. - x20
41-62 lvl. - > x10
63-80 lvl. - x10
RB - x3


All - x10
Parts - x10
Equip - x10
From RB - x5


SealStones - x10
Life Stones - x7
Enchants - x10
Epic - x1

* Spoil rate for all items - х10.


Changes in Clan System


- Changed penalties affecting such game moments as: exit and expulsion from the clan, exit and expulsion from the academy, disbandment of the alliance.
- The guild system has been abolished.
- Enabling auto-war after the clan reaches level 6.
- Changed the maximum number of clan members:
Level 5 - 80 / 6 lvl. - 100 / 7 lvl. - 120 / 8 lvl. - 140 characters


- Changed the CRP accumulation system.
- Added new clan skills. Passive, available to all members of the clan and active, available to its leader.
- Forts and castles have received skills designed to help in the development of the owners of the territories.
- Updated buffs in clan halls.


Changes in Clan Academy

- Changed the condition for graduation from the Academy - 52 level.
- The maximum number of Academy members is now 80 characters.


Grand Olympiad


- The Olympics are held in a weekly cycle.
- Non-class fights are held Fri-Sat from 20:00 to 23:50.
- Class battles have been abolished.
- Added buffer. Added 3 new arenas: Hall of Heroes, Orbis, Trident
- The minimum number of check-ins for departure is 7.
- Protection by HWID - 1 registration is available.
- All characters are awarded 100 points at the beginning of the Olympic period.
- Changed accrual of Olympiad Token.
- Added an additional reward at the end of the period.
- Changed reward for heroes: 100000 OT.


Full rebalance


The main task was: to minimize the need for windows and dependence on buffs, to return interest in the characters, making them self-sufficient. And also to reduce the gap between characters of different levels, focusing on the skill of the player, and not on the game boost.
Two spheres of influence served as the basis for these changes:


Buff and Ability System

Items and equipment


The game has the concept of a “base buff” for the minimum viability of almost any class. We introduced this very minimal set of buffs into the characters through the Ability system, and reworked the standard increases in the buff system.

Of course, buff changes alone are not enough, so we have reworked the equipment progression. More precisely: we worked out a sharp change in its parameters from grade to grade, which led to a strong gap between the players.


- Abilities apply to the main profession and subclasses.
- Learning abilities is available immediately after receiving the first profession.
- Points are awarded for creating a character, obtaining a profession on the main and sub, obtaining noblesse.
- Reset of distributed points is available.
- 3 skill branches are available for study:
     - Wizard
     - Warrior
     - Knight

- Changed the parameters of all equipment.
- Changed set bonuses B-, A-, S-grade.
- Changed the system of sharpening items.
- Added new epic jewelry:
     - Freya's Necklace
     - Blessed Freya's Necklace
     - Blessed Zaken's Earring
     - Blessed Ring of Baium
     - Blessed Ring of Queen Ant

- Added new items related to Pailaka and Tower of Insolence.
- Added new items for clans.


Cyclic schedule of events


The entire schedule of events on the server is scheduled for a two-week cycle. There is no need to choose between Olympus or epic, an event or the opportunity to rock quietly. The schedule is designed so that the game does not turn into a routine!

Resp for some epic bosses:
Orfen - 20:00-21:00 - every 6 days.
Core - 19:00-20:00 - every 3 days.

Respawn of other epic bosses according to schedule. Respawn random - 1 hour.




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