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  1. Bespredel - is one of the oldest Lineage 2 servers in the world, launched in the fall of 2005. At the moment, Bespredel includes such legends as: Shock-1, Shock-2, Shock-3, Shock-4, Shock-5, Shock-6, Extreme-1 , Extreme-2, PvP and Narodny (x50). If you once have been playing on one of these servers, then your character is still waiting for you. No one of the players were forgotten. The atmosphere on the server is special, which you will not find anywhere. All the players are not only part of the story - they are history in themselves and everyone is a legend. If you want to touch a story legend, then you should start playing on this server right now! Useful information: Registration and the necessary files for the game are available by the link below: Registration and Files Login to your Control Panel: Control Panel Forgot your password? Restore your password Need help? Check out our Support service: Support service Info about server rates etc. 1. Server Name: Bespredel 2. Game Client: Helios based 3. Platform: PTS 4. Server time: Moscow UTC +4 5. Opening Date: Fall 2005 6. Rates: EXP/SP x10 Adena (quantity) - x20 from mobs to level 20; x10 from mobs to level 40; x5 with mobs 40+ Adena (chance) - 70% Drop of resources (quantity) - x1 Drop of resources (chance) - x5 RB & Epic drop (amount) - x1 RB drop (chance) - x3 to level 40; x2 to 64 levels; x1 on 64+ Epic drop (chance) - x1 Spoil (chance and drop) - x2 Sealstones (chance and drop) - x1 Quest - x1 7. Gameplay Features: Players start game according to NCSoft concept Skills learning according to the NCSoft concept Global quest of 7 seals, siege of Castles and Clan Hall according to the NCSoft concept Enchant Chance and maximum enchant level of weapons, armors and jewelry according to the NCSoft concept First and Second occupation (prof) can be purchased from NPC Mr.Cat
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    Especially for TFF chronicles we made Bestiary - monster in-game data base. You can get info about all monsters in Lineage 2 TFF locations, their characteristics (HP, MP, EXP, SP, drop and spoil). You can also find monsters by parameters and drop items. Please, open General Menu and select Bestiary: Interface 1 - Initialize - Initialize all search filters 2 - Name - monster's name 3 - Race - monster's race 4 - Level - monster's level 5 - Type - monster's type 6 - Loot - select items 7 - Drop - items list to find monsters 8 - Spoil - items list to find monsters 9 - Initialize locations 10 - Selected locations list 11 - Lv. - monster's level 12 - Race - monster's race 13 - Type - monster's type 14 - Name - monster's name 15 - Location - monster's location 16 - XP - EXP for monster kill 17 - SP - SP for monster kill 18 - Drop - Chance and items drop quantity 19 - Spoil - chance and items spoil quantity Monster search If you know full monster's name or a part of its name, please, enter it in Name field. You will see a list of mosters which contain entered text: Race - you can select monster's race, for example "Undead". Level - you can select monster's level. If you choose "My Level Range", - monsters +/- 4 from you level will apear. Type - you can select one of 4 available types: General - all common monsters Quest - all quest monsters Special - Epic Bosses and all linked monsters Raid - Raid Bosses and their servants Search for monsters by items drop/spoil You can add items to search: from inventory from base from drop/spoil patch Add item from inventory If you have an item in your inventory which you want to be found, please, drag it by LMB and move it to "drop/spoil" in Bestiary: Add item from base If you want to add an item to serach but you don't have it, please, open Base by pressing special button: Then you will see a mini-window for item search Search options: Name - if you know monster's name - enter it Grade - select item's grade (NG-D-C-B-A-S) Type - there're 5 item types : Equip - armors, weapons, jewels Supplies - consumables: potions, soul/spiritshots, scrolls, enchant scrolls etc Crafting - resources, parts, fabrics, pieces etc Misc. - keys, dyes, seal stones etc Quest - quest items After item finding: To add item to Drop section, please, press LMB 2 times To add item to Spoil section, please, press LMB+SHIFT 2 times Add items from drop/spoil patch We have a comfort drop/spoil patch! You can add items from drop/spoil mini-window. Please, press bag icon: Press next icon: Select item and press LMB+SHIFT: Search change You can change drop/spoil items anytime you want. Drag'n'drop it with LMB. You can add 3 items in each section. Please, be careful! If you added 3 items, our systems searches these 3 items simultaneously. For exapmle: you add 3 items in each sections => no results! To clean sections, please, press X button, or delete each item by pressing LMB Seacrh by location You have to selecto location to show monster info. Open your Map, find location and move the cursor until you see a black square with info and sign about possibility of adding to Bestiary: Press LMB+SHIFT on location. After pressing, Bestiary will open automatically with selected location and monsters existing there. You can add locations through World Info in Map by pressing LMB+SHIFT in Region Info: You can add several locations in Bestiary. To clean locations list, press X in Locations section, or press double LMB. Info about found monsters The list of monsters will appear in a bottom of screen. To see details about any monster, please, press double LMB: Press this button to get some info about Drop and Spoil:
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    TFF info

    You can find special NPC Newbie Guide in each town or village who can give you some support magic Features Newbie Guide gives you free support magic up to 52 lvl You can buy VIP card (100 SWC at NPC Melissa) to expand Newbie Guide's buffs and get access to another functions You can also accept some everyday quests at Newbie Guide to get some extra EXP, special items and Umbra Coins There's Umbra coins shop at Newbie Guide: you can buy some useful items Newbie Guide's support magic Please, select "Receive help from beneficial magic" to get some effects for your characters and summon or pet. There're special Fighter/Mage/Summon/Pet set-ups. You can select buffs by yourself. VIP Card allows you to receive Buffs at any level from 1 to 80, expanded buffs list and another functions. Details: Price: 100 SWC for 30 days, can be bought at Melissa Gives access to Newbie Guide at any level Increase Buffs power level by 1 Grants the access to Global world chat by ">" command Personal item, only for one character Buff list As you can see, buff list depends on your character's level. As higher your character is, as more buffs are available and as higher buffs power is. Same is for summons and pets/ Buff 1-19 20-39 40-74 75+ Fighter Buff level Wind Walk 2 2 2 2 Shield 1 2 3 3 Mental Shield 1 2 3 4 Might 1 2 3 3 Blessed Body 2 3 4 5 Magic Barrier 1 1 2 2 Guidance - - 1 2 Haste 1 2 2 2 Focus 1 1 2 3 Death Whisper 1 1 2 2 Mage Buff level Wind Walk 2 2 2 2 Shield 1 2 3 3 Mental Shield 1 2 3 4 Blessed Body 2 3 4 5 Magic Barrier 1 1 2 2 Blessed Soul 2 3 4 5 Concentration 2 3 4 5 Acumen 1 2 3 3 Empower 1 1 2 3 Berserker Spirit - - 1 2 Other Buff level Bless Shield 2 3 4 5 Decrease Weight - - 1 2 Berserker Spirit - - 1 2 Resist Shock - 1 2 4 Wind Walk 2 2 2 2 Acumen 1 2 3 3 Empower 1 1 2 3 Vampiric Rage 2 2 3 4 Haste 1 2 2 2 Might 1 2 3 3 Guidance - - 1 2 Everyday quests at Newbie Guide What's new? Everyday you can accept special quests with useful rewards and extra bonuses for your character New day starts at 6:30 AM GMT+3 Some rewards have time limit, are personal items and can not be traded Please, select "Daily Quests" to start Available quests Successful raid Type: for party Objective: Defeat any Raid Boss (except Epic, Rift and Four Sepulchers) Mechanics: player (or party) who make the last hit complete quest Reward: Box with EXP/SP Rune 30% for 120 min Umbra Coins - Personal item, can be traded for something useful at Newbie Guide EXP and SP (depends on character's level) Fighting Evil Type: solo or party Objective: Drop 50-250 Shard of Evil. Items' quantity depends on selected quest You can take only one quest for your level: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-74, 75-80 Mechanics: There're 2 locations with monsters to hunt. Monsters' list is available in your quest window. Quest items drops randomly in players' inventories Reward: Adventurer's Blessing - increases EXP and SP by 30% for 60 mins Umbra Coins - Personal item, can be traded for something useful at Newbie Guide EXP and SP (depends on character's level) Challenge the Hall of the Abyss Type: for party Objective: Defeat Raid Boss in Kamaloka instance Zone Mechanics: Mechanics: player (or party) who make the last hit complete quest Reward: Vitality points - recovers Vitality Points by 10 000 Umbra Coins - Personal item, can be traded for something useful at Newbie Guide Challenge the Labyrinth of Abyss Type: for party Objective: Defeat Raid Boss in Labtrinth of Abyss Mechanics: player (or party) who make the last hit complete quest Reward: Vitality points - recovers Vitality Points by 5 000 Umbra Coins - Personal item, can be traded for something useful at Newbie Guide Umbra Coin Shop Please, select "Umbra Coin Shop" to start trading with Newbie Guide. Umbra coin - special Shock-World currency item. You can buy some useful items at NPC Newbie Guide at any town or village. Can not be traded or dropped. How to get UC? You can participate in events (GM events, auto-events and forum events) Complete everyday quests Get some game achievements Buy it at Newbie Guide: 15 Umbra coin = 10 SW Coin. Goods list and prices
  5. Hello everyone! Let me talk about some features of AoE farming on our +/-Interlude server. All these changes were aimed to solvre the problems of the Interlude associated with the farming much higher level monsters and AoE farming by one Damage Dealer. 1st feature You already know about the drop/EXP penalty. Usually this penalty works only when a player kills a low-level monster (blue colour indicator). Here, on +/- Interlude the penalty woks on the both sides: When player kills the monster much lower/higher level than the player's level, the EXP/drop penalty starts working. The quantity of EXP/drop decreases now. Also, the player can't receive EXP when the difference between party members is 20 or more levels. Details What is the benefit for players? They start to Exping and farming on the monsters as the same level that the players are. This AoE feature permits the server to evolve its economy smoothly and to save good balance. 2nd feature Many players use Destroyer and Frenzy skill to farm a lot of monsters simultaneously. Also, they ignore the level difference and equipment limits. Here, on +/- Interlude there's a x2 skill power reduction for polearms in PvE. Please, pay attention: this reduction doesn't work in PvP. What is the benefit for players? The players start to farm less quantity of monsters simultaneously and the have to take more Damage Dealers into party for faster farming. Also, Warlord becomes more useful for farming! We added some new skills to this class. Mailbox system Especially for your convenience and comfort, we adapted the in-game mail service for Interlude chronicles. Now you can send any items, except personal, to all the characters! Postal messages types: There are 2 types: Regular mail - A msessage with/without any attachments. The recipient just clicks on the message icon to open a new message. This message is payed by sender. Payment Request - Sending a parcel by cash on delivery. The sender have to indicate the item's price. The recipient can pay this price or decline it. Important info Use "Mailbox" in main menu (ALT+X) to start using this service. Sending/receiving the messages is available only in peaceful zones. Default sending price: 100 Adenas Message with attachments - 1000 Adenas for each inventory slot. Interface Use "Mailbox" in main menu (ALT+X). Tab "Received Mail". Letters received by your character. Tab "Sent Mail". Letters, sended to another players. Interface is the same as in "Received mail" tab. Check mark "Select all". You can select all the letter at the page. Unreaded letters can not be selected simultaneously. Fields for mail sorting. The last received letter is showed the first (default setting). But you can set up it as you wish: Type. If the letter has an attachment it has a "clip" icon. If it sended by cash delivery, there is an additional "Lock" icon. Sender. Sender/Recipient name according to the tab. Title. Message title. Validity. Usual (1st type) messages are saved for 15 days. Messages set by cash delivery are saved for 12 hours. Messages list. Button "Delete". Select and delete a message. You can't delete the message with attachment. Moving between mail list pages. Button "Send mail". You can create a new message. Sending mail Please, use "Mailbox" icon in main menu (ALT+X). Then press "Send mail" button. You can use 8 slots to attache trading (non-personal) items. For example: 50 stacked items take 1 slot, 2 non-stacked items (weapons, armors) take 2 slots. The price of your message varies depending on the weight of items. Make sure that you are in a peaceful zone and you aren't in a combat to send mail. Sending/Receiving takes 30 seconds. If you changed your mind, you can delete it using "Send Mail" tab. Structure: To. Nickname of the character-recipient Mail Type. Usual type or Sending by cash on delivery Title. The title of your message Message. You can type here something :) Attached Items. In the bottom part of this mini-window you can see items of your inventory which you can send by mail. Move them into slot (You can use 8 max). Please, Indicate the quantity of items. You can see the price and the weight at the center of mini-window. Postage. This area is available only if the type of message is "Cash on delivery" (Safe deal) Press the button with the arrow and you see the price. Sending cancel After the message is sent, it appears in the list of sent messages. If the recipient hasn't received it yet and if the recipient didn't confirm its receiving,you can cansel the sending by pressing the "Delete" button on the "Send" tab. Mail receiving When you receive the mail, the envelope icon appears in the bottom left corner. Click on it to open the received message. If the weight of attachments exceeds the allowable weight limit of the character, then it is not possible to pick up attachments. If the price of the package exceeds the cash resources of the character, then the letter can not be opened. If the character has enough Adena to pay the parcel, the Adena will be sent to the sender. Deleting messages If the letter hasn't got any attachments or it is already read, you can delete it. You can return the letter with attachments to sender, but you can't delete it. The "Payment request" letter you can return to sender without paying. But you can't delete it. If the letter with attachments has not been read within 15 days, it will be returned to the sender. If the letter is returned and there are some attachments in it, it will be deleted automatically in 15 days, all attachments will be moved to the character''s warehouse. If you do not pay the "Payment Request" letter for 12 hours, it will automatically return to the sender. TFF servers have got a useful Newbie buffer helper! It's a NPC who can give you FREE support magic until 52lvl. You can find it in all villages and towns. Its name is "Newbie Guide". You can get some magic by pressing "Receive help from beneficial magic" Newbie Guide propose you default presets for warrior/mages/pet (summon). But you can select buffs from the list by yourself! After 52 level you can purchase the Access to Newbie Guide! 30 days - 100 SW coins You can purchase it at NPC Melissa. Press "Newbie help" to purchase the Access доступна у NPC Melissa по кнопке "Newbie Help" The list of support magic depends of your character's level. skills Список умений Хелпера зависит от уровня вашего персонажа. The higher level of your character, the more skills Newbie Guide gives and the higher their level is. The maximum skill set is achieved at 74 lvl. 1-19 level: 20-39 level: 40-60 level: 61-73 level: 74+ level:
  6. Dear players! We are glad to present you our server Inpulsa x7 based on our unique chroniclese The Final Frontier! Server characteristics FAQ Gifts Info Name: Inpulsa Chronicles: TFF: End of Interlude* Platformа: PTS * This is our exclusive chronicles The Final Frontier based on Interlude. Actual gameplay on Salvation game client. New content and regular updates! Some facts What The Final Froniter is it? The Final Frontier or TFF – this is an alternative branch of the game development after Interlude chronicles, which are developed by the Shock team. End of Interlude – a part of our unique chronicles. With each update, retaining the basis of the Interlude, we go further along our own path, developing the game in a different direction from the usual one. Why TFF is better than other chronicles? TFF is no better and no worse; these chronicles are different. Imagine that a game might go a different way. Instead of The Kamael installed on the official servers, End of Interlude would be installed, and then something else. You can experience completely new emotions and game experiences. That's cool, isn't it? You can play in different classes. You can also learn a new way to develop your character or to get acquainted with interesting mechanics by experience. Stuff new bumps on their mistakes or with knowledge to approach the process of the game. In our developments, we do not just mix up something weird from various chronicles. We really create new and unique chronicles of the game. We want to show you what the game can develop differently. We create a balance, draw out weak professions and at the same time do not break the usual strong classes and mechanics. For example, for the first time in a long time, tanks and support mages became a playable classes. No more Destroyers, Archers and mages only! Here you will find different variations for the game, more opportunities for development and the content is not limited only by reaching the level as in Interlude. There is not a huge number of Instance Zones in High Five No more blocking content as in Gracia Final, when the first can get attribute of the King of the Hill. TFF is for people and about people. The rare case when the situation in the game depends on the players. Even after many months the chronicles remain relevant and interesting. For whom Inpulsa x7 is? The server is suitable for those who managed to appreciate the new chronicles. And everyone who came to us in the first. For people who prefer a measured game. You will find a lot of different activities than you can work in isolation from the big battles. By completing daily tasks, achievement system, clan bonuses, group searching, events, you will be able to conduct your prime time as efficiently as possible and enjoyable. Groups of players and clans will be pleased with changes in the clan system, Grand Olympiad, trips to Epic Bosses, war for spots and mass events. We promote a long game and carry high-quality servers to the masses. Thanks to the new start-ups, the TFF chronicles community is growing and developing. Why TFF is for a long time? TFF is a dynamically developing project that always boldly steps ahead and is not afraid to take the uncharted path. In TFF content is constantly updated, something new things always appears. This applies to classes and various items, and in the future locations. We are developing the game not in high, as NCSOFT did, but in breadth, showing the diversity of our beloved Lineage 2. Anyone who is interested in a long game will find it here. We have more than 14 years of quality and reliable work WITHOUT wipes. Our concepts are the best in the field of free-shards. We are proud of our experience and ability to unite players, develop and maintain our servers for many years. Inpulsa х7 - This is a breath of fresh air for each of us in the time-poisoning session frihards era. Server is for those who share our views on the development of the game! Server name: Inpulsa Chronicles: TFF: End of Interlude* Platform: PTS Server time: Moscow UTC +3 This is ourexclusive chronicles The Final Frontier based on Interlude. Actual gameplay on Salvation game client. New content and regular updates! Chronicles description (link) FAQ (link) Rates: Exp / SP / Adena Mob: x7 / x7 / x8-4 RB: x5 / x5 / x5 Inst: x2 / x2 / x2 Epic: x1 / x1 / x1 Drop & Spoil Resources (chance)*: drop x5 spoil x5 Items, recipes and parts up to A grade (chance): x5 Items, recipes and parts S grade (chance): x1 SpellBook / Scroll Enchant / Life Stone (chance): x4 SealStones (quantity): x4 Manor (quantity): x3 Quest Eewards (exp/sp/adena*): x3** Item (quantity): х1 (all quest except special rated***) * Not for all quests ** chance transfers to quantity after 70% *** quests with elevated items drop Start: You get 1 Start pack with NG items for your first character and 2 Gifts. All veterans who have been playing on Shock-World get unique Gift. To get your Bronze/Silver/Gold start pack, please, transfer it to your character in your Control Panel. Gameplay: There're 5 active game clients available. If you want to get extra game windows, you have to buy Premium account. You can have no more than 9 windows. You can learn any skills without spellboks, except 3rd prof skills. Skills auto-learning up to 20 lvl. Drop autoloot. Free teleports up to 40 lvl. Augmentation cancel fee was doubled for 61+ LS and 3 times for 76+ LS. Standart 7 seals quest, Sieges. Item enchant chance and Max lvl is based on Interlude. Command ".menu" - you can get Info about server and all useful functions. Offline trading is available by command ".offlineshop". Sub-class and 3rd occupation: Quest monsters quantity for 1st and 2nd prof was increased You can buy 1st and 2nd prof for Adena: 100 000 and 1 000 000 Adena required. You can choose between Baium's sting or to paint 30 fabrics. Respawn time of Quest Raid-Bosses was decreased, all quest chests are available longer now, items drop was increased! Raid-Bosses respawn: Common bosses: Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Scepter of Darkness for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m Death Lord Hallate (Hallate's Infernium Scepter for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m Kernon (Kernon's Infernium Scepter for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m Longhorn Golkonda (Golkonda's Infernium Scepter for Sub-class) - 6 h +/- 30 m Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Staff of Goddess: Rain Song for Noblesse) - 8 h +/- 30 m Other Bosses - 12 h +/- 60 m Daimon the White-Eyed - 36 h Icicle Emperor Bumbalump - 36 h Soul of Water Ashutar - 36 h Soul of Fire Nastron - 36 h Epic Bosses Queen Ant - 24 h +/- 30 m Orfen - 36 h +/- 30 m Core - 36 h +/- 30 m Zaken - 48 h +/- 30 m Scarlet van Halisha - 4 h +/- 30 m Baium - 5 d +/- 60 m Antharas - 8 d Valakas - 11 d Events: 7 seals Standart quest without changes. Clan Halls Only clans 5 lvl and higher can buy Clan Hall Minimal bet - 200 000 000 Adena Weekly rent - 5 000 000 Adena Zariche and Akamanah Standart conception Sieges Standart conception Territory Wars On saturdays in siege period at 20:00 Grand Olympiad Works in 14-days cycle with 7 Seal quest binding Starts on mondays when Seals win period is active Grand olympiad always ends on sundays (without Sieges) Olympiad points add every 3 days You must fight 9 times and you must have 1 victory minimum to pretend to be a hero For all Grand Olympiad participants are available special everyday quests. GM shop Melissa: All goods (link) Список товаров у NPC Melissa на сервере Premium Account Bonus +50% EXP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil Speacial Agation Seal Bracelet Neolithica with everyday Gift VIP points and VIP level with Bonuses VIP Card Opens Newbie Guide NPC Buffer access at any level Grants World Chat acces through command ">"
  7. Иногда титулы и ники не с первого разя красятся, иногда кепки теряются, кто-то по пути примерить решил)
  8. Сервера давно доступны, закрываю PS По посудомойке - рекомендую настольную, если некуда встраивать. Клоун, Китай не бери, но и от Боша одно название, сделаны понятно где. Летят насосы четко после гарантии.
  9. Друзья, проверяйте свои инвентари! Призы начислены! Если что-то не дошло - пишите мне в ЛС
  10. Разумеется, последующие подобные события будут проводиться с учтением критики и пожеланий игроков. Любые идеи можно обсудить и по возможности воплотить, ведь не только мобов крабить и ветки с шариками выбивать, да поросенка гонять надо) И бегать в локациях в поисках приза.
  11. Кто забыл медальку выбрать?) Игровые призы для определившихся игроков отправлены на выдачу
  12. Друзья, не забывайте, что можно было объединяться и искать сообща. Не исключено, что кто-то такой возможностью воспользовался, ведь две головы иногда работают лучше, чем одна. Да, я могу проспать и опубликовать загадку с опозданием, забыть о важных условиях конкурса, с которым недавно опозорился, но вот допустить обман по отношению к игрокам категорически нет. Жаль, что вы не доверяете мне и думаете, что я мог подтасовывать результаты или подсказывать игрокам. Но тут уж я доказать вряд ли что-то могу.
  13. Уважаемые игроки. Спасибо тем, кто заметил несправедливость, которую проглядел я. Как было сказано в условиях конкурса, обязательным условием было наличие в титуле персонажа слова "Победа!" или "Victory!". Если бы не внимательные игроки, это так и осталось бы незамеченным. Следовательно, невозможно считать победителем текущую работу, занимающую первое место. Итоги Конкурса будут пересмотрены. Приношу извинения всем участникам конкурса. Пересмотренные итоги: 1 место: 2 место: 3 место: Призы согласно обновленным местам начислены.
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